Mountain Chalet

Mountain Chalet by \Shadow\
Mountain Chalet, a photo by \Shadow\ on Flickr.

Trees : [we’re CLOSED] trees 01-05 summer
Birds\Raven : [we’re CLOSED] raven flock
Shrubs\Bushes : [we’re CLOSED] shrub large green
Shrubs 2 : [we’re CLOSED] dry weed
Bench : [we’re CLOSED] park bench
Grass 1 : [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush
Grass 2 : [we’re CLOSED] shrub large green
Lights : [we’re CLOSED] party lights
Rocks : [we’re CLOSED] boulders mossy 1 & 2
Bridge : [we’re CLOSED] old wooden bridge
Fence : [we’re CLOSED] old fence 1 & 2
Bridge 2 : [we’re CLOSED] wooden bridge – dark stained
House : Scarlet Creative The Trilby Datcha Box Set
Sim Surrounding : Y.B -sim surround landscape Dolina (yony bing)
Windlight Used : Tweaked Coastal Clouds WL.

Taxi to We’re CLOSED : We’re CLOSED


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